Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jake is a deadbeat

Discussing paternity test results on the bus.......beyond awkward

I chose the wrong seat to sit in, no wonder it was empty. The girl across from me is on the phone talking about who the father is of her child, so far it is Jake and he is a deadbeat. He wants to see his kid but doesn't pay support. According to her if he doesn't have time for court, he doesn't have time to visit....this is getting really uncomfortable.

Assumed she was the mother but i was wrong, she just told whoever she is on the phone with that they got knocked up so it's time for them to smarten up.  And boohoo they can always run to daddy. She's really giving her 2 cents. Talk about airing out someone else's dirty laundry on the bus.

Jake, you need to man up and provide your child with some stability!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Same story, Different day

Same bus, same time, mostly the same people.

There's a few new faces such as the girl playing her music way too loud. If you're wearing headphones I really should not be able to hear every word in the song. There's a highschool student who also seems annoyed by the music. Oh wait, I was wrong. He likes the music and for some strange reason he feels it's necessary to dance in his seat to show his appreciation to the music. Then there's the university student sitting across from me; I really hope he has a kid otherwise I have no explanation for why he has a child size, baby blue umbrella attached to his bag. Same goes for the guy last week wearing a business suit that got on the bus wearing a Dora the Explorer backpack. Oh I can hear the talker! She's the lady who talks the whole bus ride about anything & everything to the person sitting closest to her. If it's a day she has no one to talk to, she knits. The other day it was a knitting frenzy! I think she made a pair of socks.

I feel bad  I hated on the girl playing her music too loud and just realized it was a guy sitting in the back corner, Oops!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Colourful snow

This morning I was waiting at the bus stop , standing in a bus shelter trying to protect myself from this freak mid-March winter storm. I was alone until some guy came in to also get out of the wind. I wasn't paying any attention to him, didn't even know what he looked like, but i could hear him coughing. And he kept coughing to the point it sounded like he was heaving and retching. The guy walked out of the shelter just as I turned around to see if he is okay, walks about 5 steps and pukes all over the fresh white snow, not pretty! He walked maybe another 3 steps and leaned against the little maintenance building that was there and continued to puke. He eventually kneeled down and I think maybe he was using the snow to clean his shoes off? Maybe burying his puke? Either way he was playing with the newly colored snow.

Bus finally arrives, I hop on, and unfortunately so does pukey guy :( just my luck.  I had a feeling he would sit at the back of the bus so I sat closer to the front. And then the coughing started again. I was just about to put headphones on to block out the sound & unpleasant thoughts of puke swooshing around the aisles when the bus pulled over at a stop and he got off!!! sooo happy! Turns out the coughing I heard on the bus wasn't him at all because the rest of the bus ride someone else was coughing & hacking at the back of the bus lol

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Silly Willy Rule

If you are over the age of twenty, you NEVER wet willy someone on the bus. Did I really just see that happen? Not only do I not want to see you lick your finger and stick it in someone's ear, I am pretty sure your boyfriend does not appreciate it either! Really, you're an adult and still wet willying people in public?! Bus people, you truly amaze me. What will you do next......

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Talkers

What could be more annoying than sitting between 2 people that decide to start a conversation? I would like to know so that I can do it and annoy the 2 woman talking. Besides talking over me, they keep leaning towards each other, putting me in the middle of their conversation sandwich. Hello I'm right here, not invisible, pretty sure you can see me. You know, that human sitting between you? Maybe I should make a random phone call to someone or even call my voicemail. Ring Ring, no new messages. Oh boy I better stretch out to keep listening to my phone ramble on about no messages. Big arm stretches! Oops did my arm get in the way of your conversation? Teehee. Oh my back hurts now, I should lean forward a bit to stretch that too. Once again I got in the way of your conversation. Sorry you had to move your big curly head out of my space. Sure go ahead and give me dirty looks, but it's you that's being rude! Hmm, I haven't spoke to my mother today, I should give her a shout. Ring Ring.....no answer. Maybe i should call my voice mail again?

Conversation over, mission accomplished :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Liquor Bus

Well it looks like, I mean smells like I am riding the liquor bus today. It's hard to say who it is since the bus is packed but I'm going to take a guess and say it might be the guy with empty seats around him. It's a good guess since people are standing instead of sitting in those seats. Oh I was wrong! The drunk just made his presence known by yelling at the driver to open the back doors. Problem is we aren't at a bus stop, just some pretty red lights! I swear he is going to bust those doors down if he doesn't clue in real soon. Even a girl is yelling at him that we aren't at a stop. So what does drunk guy do? He decides to walk up to the front of the bus to get off. OMG! He just totally fell and landed into the side of the wall. Ha ha! The best part is that it is an accordion bus and he fell right into the accordion wall!Haha I can't stop laughing! Thankfully everyone else is laughing too.

Wow, the driver just slammed on the brakes! Did we hit a car or something? Everyone went flying, people that were standing actually slid a good 6 feet down the aisle, some man is trying to find his laptop bag. For a second I saw nothing but floor, and I am sure I grabbed the guy sitting in front of me by accident. I had nothing else to grab onto! Now some guy is daring a girl he is with to stand the rest of the bus ride. Haha she won't do it. Ow my knee hurts, I must have slammed it into the back of the seat when we stopped. Ok not sure what is going on because we are at the main bus terminal but not letting anyone on?! And now we just did a loop around the terminal and came back. No one knows what is going on, and everyone is looking at each other for answers. Did the driver break the bus or something?

And the driver just got off the bus. So now what....

...Oh that's what! A girl fell when we braked real hard and hurt her knee and now we have to wait for a supervisor to come take statement....oh joy. I could be here for awhile. What the...we are going around in a circle again! We just looped around the station for a second time! Wait, we are actually letting passengers on this time so we must be done with the report. Please just take me home!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bus Strike Week 6 - Strike is Over

Our bus strike lasted 6 weeks, a few weeks longer than we thought, but it is finally over! Last week was the first week it was back up and running and I took the ferry almost everyday. What perfect timing since it was 30 degrees Celsius for 2 days in a row. Global warming what?

This morning I took my regular bus for the first time in almost 2 months and it felt like riding the bus for the first time. Well not liking riding a bus, more like riding a roller coaster for the first time! Maybe the driver was just really excited to be driving the bus again, or maybe he had a little too much caffeine, but i had to hold on for my life. The driver was zipping around corners, I was flying out of my seat, and we braced ourselves every time the driver hit the brakes! Hmm maybe it wasn't the bus driver, maybe it's just me not being used to the bus anymore. Well the weather isn't nearly as warm and sunny as it was last week so I have all week to re-familiarize myself with the bus.